We are MyFamilyBuilders: Toymakers for a better tomorrow™
Over a year ago, Ez Karpf was looking for presents for his friends’ children. He just assumed he would be able to find a doll set that would resemble their multiracial family – He tried store after store, but couldn’t find a single one that even came close. Not only that, he also realized that there weren’t toys that represented families with two dads or two moms, single-parent families, or blended families. He discussed this dilemma with some friends and together, they were inspired to do something about it. After long deliberations on design, child psychology and education, Ez came up with the idea of an open ended educational wooden toy that would encourage young children to embrace family diversity through play.

Our Philosophy


is to help create a world where parents and kids celebrate love and the values shared by all families, regardless of color, creed, sexual orientation or culture.


Supporting diversity in early childhood encourages children to honor differences, explore things that are unfamiliar, and experience a world beyond their immediate lives.

We want to improve our world, and we’re starting with children, the toys they play with, and what those toys can teach them.

In the 1940s, psychologists began studying children’s attitudes toward discrimination using dolls. The Clark Doll Test was used to put a stop to the segregation of schools, and we learned that children had internalized racism caused by discrimination.

Today, our kids face challenges that aren’t so black and white. Through MyFamilyBuilders™ toy set they are creating a world where children and parents are proud of themselves, their families and their communities.


We’re giving kids the opportunity to create friends and families that are as unique as they are!

The MyFamilyBuilders™ team has created an all-encompassing, educational toy set that lets kids build the characters and families of their choosing. Traditional doll sets impose limitations on a child’s imagination, which can have lasting effects. MyFamilyBuilders™ removes these restrictions and opens their eyes to a world of possibilities.


Through play! Play is the most impactful way for children to learn about the world around them. Though it may just look like fun and games, children learn and internalize important values that will affect their perception of themselves and the world around them for years to come.

MyFamilyBuilders™ toy set contains 48 wooden pieces that snap together with cleverly concealed magnets and a board game with 25 big cards that we’ve designed to empower parents and kids to play, experience and facilitate easy conversations about diversity & tolerance.
With a total of 2048 possible matches per set, kids will have a ton of fun and create a world free of preconceptions.